12/1/2018 Holiday Party
11/1/2018 Ohio Insurance Agents Association Inc (OIA) Agency Valuation
10/1/2018 State Auto Insurance – Rene’ Badgley Distracted Driving
9/1/2018 Brennan Scanlon – Executive Director of BNI Networking
8/1/2018 Volunteer Day – Matthew 25 Ministries
7/1/2018 Golf Outing
6/1/2018 Thomas M Ryan – Supervising General Adjuster Ride-Sharing Laws and Coverages
5/1/2018 Jeff Smith, VP Sales & Ticketing FC Cincinnati Soccer Club
4/1/2018 George Best, Area VP Loss Control, Gallagher SKS National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
3/1/2018 Joseph Danzer, Google City Ambassador Google, Analytics, SEO
2/1/2018 Will Mueller – Asst. Fire Chief Heroin/opiate issues
1/1/2018 Judge Dinkelacker Legal
12/1/2017 Christmas Party
11/1/2017 Jillian Froment, Director DOI Trending Insurance Topics
10/1/2017 Camille Knight, Broker, Arlington/Roe Drones
9/1/2017 Greg Lawson, Research Fellow, Ohio Buckeye Institute Health Care Crisis
8/1/2017 OFF
7/1/2017 Golf Outing
6/1/2017 Mike Dawdy, VP Technical for Central Region, Mapfre Telematics (Driving app)
5/1/2017 Bob Braun, Ohio Bureau of Workers Comp (BWC) Workers Comp program – changes
4/1/2017 Jeff Smith, CEO Ohio Insurance Agents (OIA) OIA overview, services
3/1/2017 Jeff Miller, Special Investigations Unit, Motorists Insurance Fraud
2/1/2017 Dan Thieken, President RTF Fire Protection sprinkler systems, fire protection
1/1/2017 Judge Dinkelacker Legal
12/1/2016 Christmas Party
11/1/2016 Joe Danzer, Google SEO, Google, analytics
10/1/2016 Steve Chabot, Congressman variety
9/1/2016 Gene Ganow, Attorney, Faruki Ireland & Cox P.L.L Cyber Security
8/1/2016 OFF
7/1/2016 Golf Outing
6/1/2016 Gene Bishop, Crimestoppers Crimestoppers org info
5/1/2016 Rob Butcher, Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds
4/1/2016 Joe Danzer, Google SEO, Google, analytics
3/1/2016 Member Roundtable Discussion
2/1/2016 Gary Marco, Found & CEO, Coaching, Training, & Speaking Consulting/Training – strategy, leadership
1/1/2016 Judge Dinkelacker Legal
12/1/2015 Christmas Party
11/1/2015 Hugh Smart, Advanced Market, Columbus Life Insurance Estate, Retirement, Financial Planning
10/1/2015 Steve Chabot, Congressman variety
9/1/2015 CE Class – Bacevich Restoration Ethics
8/1/2015 OFF
7/1/2015 Golf Outing
6/1/2015 Gloria Napier, Buckeye Search & Rescue Dogs K-9 dogs, search & rescue
5/1/2015 David Sams, The Bond Department Insurance Agency Bonds ??
4/1/2015 Joe Danzer, Google SEO, Google, analytics
3/1/2015 Mike Grushon & Jodie Shaw – PIAA
2/1/2015 David Archiable, Great American Insurance E&S division / underwriting
1/1/2015 Judge Dinkelacker Legal
12/1/2014 Christmas Party
11/1/2014 Rea Hedeman, COO & EVP, Buckeye Institute election results, tax reform, healtcare
10/1/2014 Steve Hunckler, SVP State Auto Claims Roof claims
9/1/2014 Carl Bloomer, President Legacy Benefit Solutions Health and DI Benefits
8/1/2014 OFF
7/1/2014 Golf Outing
6/1/2014 Cheryl Smith, Sharonville Police Departmnet How to react to an intruder
5/1/2014 Sandra Guile, PR Specialist BBB storm chasers and scams
4/1/2014 CE Class – ServPro NW Cincinnati Ethics
3/1/2014 George Best, Area VP Loss Control, Gallagher SKS national flood insurance program
2/1/2014 Brent Mauer, VP Paul Werth & Associates industry challenges – talent gap, retirements
1/1/2014 Judge Dinkelacker Legal
12/1/2013 Christmas Party
10/1/2013 Barb Hall, CEO Unlimited Potential Leadership Development Group Coaching Consulting
9/1/2013 Jonathan Sexton, Partner, Rendigs, Fry, Kiely, & Dennis LLP
litigation, personal injury, wrongful death, products liability
8/1/2013 OFF
7/1/2013 Golf Outing
6/1/2013 Robert Hesch, Tax Manager Flagel, Huber, Flagel CPA tax impllications of ACA
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